It Never Hurts to Be Civil

Question: I have a one-year-old child with someone that I no longer have a relationship with not even a civil relationship. All our communication is done via email. He pays his child support on time, but I want something “legal” in writing from him. Do I have to go to court?

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In the Silence Between the Words: The Adult Children of Divorce

Children of divorced parents have been shown to be at far greater risk of divorce themselves, criminal behaviour, substance abuse and other problems than those kids whose parents with troubled relationships who either stayed together or deferred separation until the children had move out permanently.

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Child Custody Disputes

Question: Regarding custody: My daughter deals with her mother’s emotional nonsense much too frequently for an eleven-year-old girl. I’m not sure its normal for a mother/ex-wife to bad mouth and trash- talk her ex-husband. My daughter wants nothing more than to live with us. Is there an age when a child can decide on their own?

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