Garfin Zeidenberg LLP regrets the passing of John Tibor Syrtash, one of Canada’s leading family law lawyers. 

Call Marlene Kazman, BS.c., LL.B for family law matters.  

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In Toronto, different people have different family issues that need to be sorted out in a responsible manner by family lawyers. Therefore, make sure that you are hiring the most trusted, reliable, and well-versed  senior and experienced Toronto-based family lawyers to resolve your family law matters as speedily and competently as possible.

Garfin Zeidenberg LLP is a full service law firm delivering the highest level expertise in: Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Technology, Trademarks, Wills and Estate Planning and Criminal Law


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Client's Reviews

Extremely  knowledgeable, money well spent. Delivers what he promises, is assertive and thorough in his preparation. He helped me achieve results.  

Very grateful for your insight and knowledge and feel stronger and more confident that I can direct and guide myself and my children through anything the future holds for us. 

You are an amazing lawyer who knows all his stuff and then some! Quickly familiarized himself with the file and began to fight for what is right.  

Our practice areas

Divorce, separation & Monetary Matters

Including problems arising in getting financial remedies & in arranged marriages​


Child arrangements court cases, and moving abroad.

Inheritance Act Disputes

Negotiations and court proceedings

Child Abduction Law

Helping confront the nightmare of a child suddenly removed to a foreign jurisdiction, including Canada.

Family Mediation

Collaborative, law and arbitration applied to all types of family dispute resolution.

Grandparent Rights Succession Law Reform Act Disputes

Maintaining rightful grandparent visitation rights and defending the rights of adult parents.

Domestic Partnerships & Contracts

Civil partnerships, cohabitation, separation and marital contracts.

Our family law lawyers in Toronto also manage all aspects of divorce law, particularly those involving hidden assets, valuable and or complicated corporate structures, complicated legal matters, trusts and multiple or disputed jurisdictions.

The family law solicitors at Garfin Zeidenberg LLP are backed up by a highly competent panel of experts, specialists and managers to make sure that we deliver family law solutions that exceed client requirements & expectations. Trust is at the core of our law firm, which is why we let clients to pick the specialist solicitor they are most comfortable with.

If you think you may require legal assistance, don’t wait for too long because many family law issues are time-critical. Let’s get connected at (416) 886-0359!

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