Family Law


In Toronto, different people have different family issues that need to be sorted out in a responsible manner by family lawyers. Therefore, make sure that you are hiring the most trusted, reliable, and well-versed Toronto-based family lawyers to resolve your family law matters as speedily and competently as possible.

In that context, John Syrtash and his colleagues at Garfin Zeidenberg LLP is the best option to choose. Our experienced and senior team of divorce lawyers has the expertise in delivering the highest level of legal aid services related to the complete separation and divorce process including spousal support, child support, custody, and property division.

As we offer solid legal advice & representation, and dedicated work for the client’s interest, we can give 100% client satisfaction in Family Law Lawyers Toronto Legal Aid.


Of course, the client will receive a few major benefits by employing family lawyers.

Firstly, professional family lawyers can effectively bring legal issues under control or minimize and offer legal advice that helps to progress beneficially with your separation.

Professional will stand for clients at trials, on appeals and ADR processes, including negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations.

Why choose us:

We offer service at the best prices that you can afford and take every possible step to sort our issues effectively.

You can talk to our professional family lawyers at any time as per your need.

We will be always there for you.

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