Mediation and Arbitration

Ontario Family Law Mediation and Arbitration Services

The Mediation and Arbitration Services offered by John T. Syrtash, GARFIN ZEIDENBERG LLP provides a voluntary process outside of the Courts for families seeking a relatively quick, cost effective, and humane solution to divorce, child custody and property matters. In Family Law Mediation and Arbitration, the parties, not the mediator, make the final decisions.

In mediation, we act as an impartial third party with no power to render a decision or force the parties to accept a settlement. In our role as family law mediator we initially attempt to resolve issues in a dispute by giving good legal information to both parties, which helps to break deadlocks. We then prepare a memorandum of understanding of all the issues that have been resolved.

For the unresolved issues, we can assume the role of "an arbitrator." Once the parties sign an "arbitration agreement," our rulings, based on years of experience, become legally binding, but always subject to appeal under Ontario law. Legally, your own lawyer must advise you before signing any arbitration agreement.

The advantages of Mediation and Arbitration for Family Law Matters include:

  • Costs: Avoid the costs of going to court. Court cases can be hugely expensive even when subsequently settled out of court.

  • Speed: It can take months to get a court appointment and when the appointment takes place a judge will have limited power in Ontario in terms of making decisions on a first appearance. You can avoid the anxiety of "waiting around."

  • Communication: Reduces the tensions of communicating with your spouse about child custody, matters of property and other issues that will affect you for years to come. You learn skills that will help you move forward more easily.

  • Control: you gain control over the settlement rather than leaving this important decision that will determine both your future and that of your children to a judge.

  • Experience: We have over 27 years in providing families in Ontario and beyond Family Law Mediation and Arbitration Services.

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Book - Religion and Culture in Canadian Family Law

“Religion & Culture in Canadian Family Law”
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Published by Butterworths in 1992, this is the only book of its kind in Canada by critically acclaimed author John T. Syrtash. It received rave reviews at the time and is only available at public and law libraries across the country.

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