Articles written by John Syrtash
John Syrtash, BA (Hon), LL.B answers pressing questions on Family Law.

Fines often deter mothers
Equal access strategy
Explaining custody terms
Charges affect custody
Facing access problems
What should Santa do?
Don't be a wimp - go for custody
Who's at fault for a delinquent kid?
At what age can my child choose which parent he wants to live with?
Simple paternity test holds answers
What are my custody rights if I'm pregnant and divorcing?
Handling Parents who Frustrate Phone Access
What is the Best and Worst Evidence for Custody & Access Hearings?
'We become what we behold – How to deal with “bad-mouthing” parents.
Problems of Mudslinging in Custody and Access Hearings: the Do’s and Don’ts
Developmentally Appropriate Questions for Child Witnesses
Mature enough to fly on his own?
What if the Birth Certificate has the wrong father on it?
After separating, don’t allow a “status quo” situation to develop in your partner’s favour if you want custody

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