Articles written by John Syrtash
John Syrtash, BA (Hon), LL.B answers pressing questions on Family Law.

Don't represent yourself
Free lawyers are hard to find
Is a lawyer necessary if one of us is keeping the house?
Kids can get legal help
Don't do this without a lawyer
Don't walk into a custody battle alone
Don't fool yourself: Use a lawyer
Paralegals not a safe substitute
Securing legal counsel is key in parenting disputes


It never hurts to be civil
A marriage nightmare
Husband wants to send wife home
Stop worrying and call her bluff
Husband and wife have same rights
It might be your obligation
Don't leave home just yet
Damage upon separation
Reconcile, or find yourself a good shoulder to cry on.
If it won't last, then get out fast!
What will Happen to me? You'll both face changes
How long does it take to get a Divorce?


Fines often deter mothers
Equal access strategy
Explaining custody terms
Charges affect custody
Facing access problems
What should Santa do?
Don't be a wimp - go for custody
Who's at fault for a delinquent kid?
At what age can my child choose which parent he wants to live with?
Simple paternity test holds answers
What are my custody rights if I'm pregnant and divorcing?
Handling Parents who Frustrate Phone Access
What is the Best and Worst Evidence for Custody & Access Hearings?
'We become what we behold – How to deal with “bad-mouthing” parents.
Problems of Mudslinging in Custody and Access Hearings: the Do’s and Don’ts
Developmentally Appropriate Questions for Child Witnesses
Mature enough to fly on his own?
What if the Birth Certificate has the wrong father on it?
After separating, don’t allow a “status quo” situation to develop in your partner’s favour if you want custody


Pursue child support
Pursuing additional child support
Defending a support claim
If she's paying, she may own part of the house
Don’t let him slip through the payment net
Still likely stuck with payments
Forcing support payment
Is he Dependant or not?
Ensuring Spousal Support is Tax Deductible
Are you on the hook for retroactive child support?
Courts don't always enforce support guidelines.
Sorry, but you can’t recoup your fatherly support
Hockey: a special expense?
Courts look at ability to pay for activities
Child support obligations after my child turns 18
A legal threat may do the trick: How to enforce support
Getting a Quick Divorce When you have Children but Don't want a Child Support Order
Do you know their needs?
Adultery & Spousal Support: Do Gifts from Third Parties Comprise Income?
How child and spousal support is calculated for self-employed payers
Enforcing Child and Spousal Support when Navigating the Family Responsibility Office: Yes, it is unfair.
Good News for Divorcing Women (or is this a mirage)?
Support Issues with Backlash: Sometimes Misunderstood Tax Implications of Support Awards
How long does it take from commencing a Court action to enforcing a Support Order?
Challenging the Ontario Family Responsibility Office to be more creative in their enforcement methods
Enforcing Support Payments


Will a shelter shield me from my child?
Long haul to lift restraining order
Courts won't ignore violence


Requests take time to get through courts


Protect yourself from liability
All sources of revenue count
Protecting business interest on separation
He owes you: Get his financial info
How to deal with RESPs and a split
House equity depends on many factors
Who gets the house upon separation?
Status of familial monetary gifts prior to divorce
Marriage breakup and RESPs
The dollars and sense of simple divorces
Think carefully before new spouse moves in
Having to Pay “Child Support” for your “live-in” girlfriend’s child from a previous relationship


Divorce, religion woes
Courts will allow multiple religions
The disposable divorce era: The duty of lawyers under section 9 of the Divorce Act
M. v. H.: Or how Gays got the Right to Marry in Canada
Same Sex Partners: What Rights Do They Have
Family Law and Religious Courts
Applying to Register and Validating a Foreign Marriage License in Ontario: Follow these steps for your license


Legal rights of grandparents
Courts won't ignore violence


Using marriage as a ticket to Canada

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