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Garfin Zeidenberg LLP is a Toronto-based Family Law practising in the areas of family law and civil litigation, family law mediation and arbitration. John T. Syrtash leads a dedicated and tenacious team of Ontario family law professionals. Our senior team of divorce lawyers are thought leaders in divorce law in Ontario and Canada. We pride ourselves in our sensitivities to conducting a dignified Toronto Family law practice in the rich multi-ethnic environment that is Toronto. We work with our clients through the complete separation and divorce process including spousal support, child support, custody and property division.

The Mediation and Arbitration Services offered by John T. Syrtash, Garfin Zeidenberg LLP provides a voluntary process outside of the Courts for families seeking a relatively quick, cost effective, and humane solution to divorce, child custody and property matters.

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Book - Religion and Culture in Canadian Family Law

“Religion & Culture in Canadian Family Law”
by J. Syrtash
Published by Butterworths in 1992, this is the only book of its kind in Canada by critically acclaimed author John T. Syrtash. It received rave reviews at the time and is only available at public and law libraries across the country.

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